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[PIC] How many Yellow dots do you see !!!!

[PIC] That stupid grin you can't get off your face when you really like the person you're texting.

[PIC] I love you some much that i 'll never let you go ....

[PIC] I just feel so alone right now

[PIC] I don't have a date on valentines

[PIC] #DontYouHateWhen you log onto facebook & have millions of FarmVille Requests -.-

What turns you off?

[PIC] Pay attention while walking… your Facebook status update can wait.

[PIC] 3D Chalk Art – Dive Plank

[PIC] I went to sleep, thinking about you ... and I woke up just the same.

[PIC] Love

[PIC] I know I'm good for something I just haven't found it yet.